Join a team changing the game in insurance

Our to-do list is pretty long, and most definitely ambitious, but it all leads to one goal: make insurance simple. 

Our Mission

Brolly was born out of the frustration that the insurance market has long been tarnished with ever increasing prices, jargon clogged documents and unnerving ambiguity about what customers are actually signing themselves up to.  

At Brolly we’re determined to drive the change. We want people to have all of their insurance in one place. We aim to ensure our customers can understand their insurance from what they should be buying, to what they’ve actually purchased. We want to be a source of education to our customers and make sure insurance is a breeze; not a chore. We’re here to transform the insurance market - and we’d love your help.

Brolly Perks

There’s more? Why of course! Every Brolly team member also has access to:


Free team lunches every Friday or FriYAY.



The tools you need to get the job done.


Unlimited Holiday

You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned it.


Career Development

To help you succeed and grow into your best you.


Pet Friendly

Friendly is an understatement, we encourage all furry friends.


Maternity & Paternity

We understand the importance of family.


Yoga & Massages

Spreading good vibes and positivity all round.


Free Refreshments

Unlimited coffee, fruit and chocolate to keep you going.

Equity Options

Share in the success of building the best insurance company.



Join a great team on a mission to change insurance.



Exclusive discounts via CharlieHR Perks.



We make sure to look after you beyond Brolly.


Team & Culture - Why Brolly?

So who are we? Brolly comprises a team that is small but perfectly formed (if we do say so ourselves). We’re an ideasy bunch with a focus on results. Every person in our team has a voice, and that voice contributes to how we evolve, be that in relation to product, planning or even company perks.  

Despite being in the insurance market we most definitely aren’t the formal type and this is reflected in our culture and office. You’ll find no business attire here (unless that’s what you feel comfortable in!) and our office is entirely open plan. If you’re a desk worker, a beanbag thinker or a sofa planner, there’s a space for you to be at your best. Need to take 5? Then you can always top up your creative juices at the art gallery downstairs, a major perk in our Soho location. 

Join Us

We love to welcome new people on board who share the passion for our mission, however that doesn’t mean we shift on our standards. Regardless of the role, we’ll take the time to find the right person for the right gap, growing with the right foundations is more important than bringing in people that hit a few bullet points on a job spec. Building a team of people who are passionate, supportive and positive is incredibly important to us. 

We see our hiring process as very much a two way street. We know your career is an extremely important part of your life, so we make sure that you get an amazing experience with us, and we can get to know each other as much about us as possible.


Phone Call

We like to make sure you speak to a human ASAP so one of the team will call you for friendly 15 min chat. This is so we can get to know you a bit better and most importantly so you can get to know us.

If you’re applying for one of our technical roles, we’ll send you across a coding task. We know you’re a busy bee so we always make sure this can be done in an evening, that way we can meet you as quickly as possible!


Technical task


Face to face meeting

Hiring is very much a group decision at Brolly so we clear our diaries so you can meet as many people as possible, as soon as possible.

What’s a typical day like a Brolly? Well let us show you! Our final stage is to have you come and spend a sample day at Brolly, no masks, no facade, just us. Can’t take a full day out your schedule? Then we’ll do what we can to make it work!


Trial Day



Exactly what it says on the tin - come and be part of the team!

Our Interview Process

(from ‘Hi’ to ‘Hire in 2 weeks)

Open Positions

Can’t see something you like? Perhaps even we don’t realise we need you yet! Please send a CV along with approx 150 words for "Why Brolly needs you!" to

Sorry, no recruiters please!

We make buying insurance easy, simple and personal

Brolly is about simplicity. We believe insurance should be simple.