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One place for all your insurance

A digital locker to store all of your policies in one place.
This is insurance that you’ll love.

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brolly asset management
Keep track of your insurance, for free
With Brolly you can create a digital inventory of your life, and keep it perfectly streamlined with your insurance.
Consolidate everything into one place, track your insurance premiums and monitor your spending, and always have your documents with you, for when you’re out the house or travelling abroad.
Automatically track your policies.
Connect your email inbox, and let Brolly do the hard work for you. This is the easiest way to upload all of your insurance, to check whether your car is insured, or find out if you’ve bought travel insurance twice.
Our email scanning technology uses AI to detect insurance policies in your inbox, and automatically adds them to your Brolly Locker.
brolly policy discovery
brolly insight notification
Notifications and insights
Brolly will keep on top of the important dates, and you’ll be sent notifications when you need to take action, such as when your insurance expires, if your prices have increased, or if we’ve found a better product for you.
It's like the old school broker that used to visit you at home, but better.
Insurance built for the 21st Century

We're building the best insurance company the world's ever seen.

Insurance built around you. Insurance you can trust.

Start managing all of your insurance in one place.