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We let you know what cover you need
Annual Multi Trip Policy
If you're a jet setter who loves to travel the globe many times within one year, a multi-trip policy may be the best option for you. Through our smart insights, we will let you know if it makes sense to switch to an annual policy at a reduced cost.
Single Trips Policy
Last minute trip, or not much of a traveller? A single trip policy is probably the best option here. When you download our app, we will let you know how many more trips you can take before you should consider getting annual insurance.
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It's a matter of trust and we always have your back
The last thing you want to do if the unfortunate happens, is to go back and forth with an insurance company. Let us know what happened and we’ll handle the rest and quickly as possible, and keep you updated throughout.
Travel smart, smart insurance
Don’t double up on cover
When you download our app, we’ll scan to find any travel insurance you may already have, and let you know where you may be missing cover. Why buy another policy if your bank or home insurance has already included it? No double cover over here!
Does your current insurance cover what you need?
You may have travel insurance, for example through a bank or your workplace, but understanding what you may be covered for, buried within a 100-page document is so not how you want to spend your evening. We highlight everything you need to know, in an easy to understand format.
Buy travel insurance through our app in seconds. Not light-years.
As Brolly gets to know you and your lifestyle through our app, we are able to produce a quote as quickly as you can say Brolly. You tell us once, and that's it. We do all the hard work in the background to ensure you’re only worrying about whether you packed your passport.
brolly policy discovery
brolly policy discovery
Your personal insurance advisor
Not all travel insurance policies are the same, which is why it's important to read your travel policy documents with love and care. Here at Brolly, we get it, nobody has time to read a document which is half the size of Wikipedia. You let us know what you want checking (even policies from another provider) and we will dig in and find out for you. For FREE.
We love to help people understand their insurance!
We are on a mission

Brolly is your smart online insurance broker. We care about helping you understand your cover, and making sure you have the best cover for your needs.

Brolly is about simplicity. We believe insurance is should be simple and if the unfortunate happens, you want to be covered.

We take security seriously and use cutting-edge technology to ensure your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored. Brolly is an Independent Insurance Broker authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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